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WP3: Advanced System Design for Safety-Critical Applications

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In contrast to non-critical control functions in the air craft cabin, safety-critical functionality requires modifications to
the wireless system design to ensure higher reliability and security standards, essentially hardening the implementation
from Work Package 2. The goal of this work package is to provide such a hardened system design. Note in particular
that despite the requirements for very high reliability, safety-critical functionality in the air craft cabin will most likely
not rely entirely on wireless systems for communication due to the redundancy requirements for safety applications. It is
still required to achieved higher reliability and security levels in the system to support a successful commercialization.


D3.1 : Report on Implemented CSI Acquisition and Cooperative Algorithm Design

D3.2 : Report on Implemented Advanced Security Measures


MS4: Scalable co-operative diversity algorithms and CSI acquistion achieved

MS5: Advanced authentication and key management schemes delivered