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WP2: Perfecting a TDMA wireless architecture

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This WP will create a TDMA architecture for non-critical intra-cabin aircraft control applications (lin particular intracabin lighting controls), leveraging R3’s experience creating its existing EchoRing product.

  • Because of the communication patterns of these applications and the anticipated density of the nodes in the aircraft
    cabin, the system design must be able to accommodate several hundreds of nodes while cyclically providing data to
    all end points.
  • In addition, the new system design must be streamlined for asymmetric traffic scenarios, as well as the operation of
    multiple service zones in an aircraft, while the operating frequency changes constantly.
  • Finally, modifications of the light system control modules are also required to ensure that traffic patterns fit better with
    the desired communication system characteristics.


D2.1: Report on Implemented TDMA Basic System Structure

D2.2: Report on Implemented Adaptation of Light Control System


MS1: Access point implementation and node implementation finalised

MS2: Frequency agility realised for both access point and nodes

MS3: Security features implemented