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15 Dec 2017

Beeing myself a typical economist, I am used to words like „EOB or EOD”, “Killerdeck”, “Being on the Beach”, “Staffing”, “Expert”, “Advisor” and a lot of Anglicisms. For years I have been living in a world where you know that if someone says “That is a very good idea, I will put that on the list”, the actual meaning is “Please double-check all information and prepare a mindfucking (decent) presentation. Afterwards we can maybe talk again.”

And now is where my world turns upside down: for the past six months I have been working at R3 Communications, where “deadlines need to be flexible”, someone is always “killing some kind of system” or discusses about “floating packets”, and you are NEVER sure if you have enough Beaglebones. I am now facing situations like two people staring at a screen, waiting for a graphic to change from yellow to green or blue, freaking out because the colors do change… freaking out again after few minutes, because the color has changed… but not where it needed to change!

So after all these changes, how does a normal working day look like for one of the two economists and the only woman at the company (so far!)?

Well, let’s start with some clichés! Cliché #1: A team of twenty women at a non-tech company discussing passionately about the different kinds of nail polish. Cliché #2: A group of nerdy engineers talk passionately about a shielding box. Cliché #3: the economist is the “early bird” whereas the engineer is a “late sleeper” that start working after 12.00pm and needs tons of coffee to wake up. Guess what, besides the coffee thingy all of that is crap not quite true! Here is the truth: When I come to the office early, most of the time at least one of the developers is already in and, of course, the coffee machine is perfectly prepared. So, maybe it’s true that they need good coffee to get into a working mood, but after having caffeine in their blood, they wouldn’t shut up they are very communicative ? ! But we had a crisis: A few weeks ago our beloved coffee machine was taken to the SPS in Nuremberg…. Warning to the management: let’s not risk to face this situation again!

Besides getting served very good coffee, I am supporting our great Managing Directors Mathias and Florian to make EchoRing as famous as possible. After listening to discussions on “lost packets” and other mysterious topics, I am taking care of R3’s accounting process, funding, project management, and I am supporting HR and Marketing topics, and our business development as well. Oh! And maybe the most important task: continuous increase of our Nerfgun-inventory.  And we all know because we are all wireless communications experts, EchoRing will run the industrial non-cable solution communications really soon!

So, whenever you are interested in a Nerfgun-Game, come and join us! And of course, if you want to try really good coffee…

– Maria