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07 Nov 2018

Everyone has its motivations when starting a new job. As it can be trivially understood, a computer scientist is likely to feel appealed to a wireless technology like EchoRing. And yes, for some people (even for me) this background-job match is enough to start a new job. But there was a word, a characteristic about EchoRing that triggered something inside me, something different than my academical or “professional” background. That word is nothing but latency, and yes, I was a gamer. 

After being a dedicated gamer, even a professional one in the past, I know how important low latency is and how frustrating it is when you “click” to “shoot” but the despicable lag interferes with your actions… Even some milliseconds of difference between your latency and that of your opponent results in you are the one getting shot instead! To avoid these situations, gamers (included me) play with that long Ethernet cable that lies around the room, and that provoked so many hard looks from our mums in the past (and from our wives nowadays). Of course, Wi-Fi was a huge NO-GO. Do you get now part of my motivation? Then, what else can I do to help others get rid of the lag that wireless technologies had until now? And who knows, after industrial automation gets rid of cables, perhaps I will be the one playing video games over EchoRing in the future!

But my inner-gamer is not only satisfied with the technology we develop but with the atmosphere of the company: there are other gamer souls here! And you can recognize a gamer around yourself when the solution to a “hard moment” is to play a game. When the hard time of going-back-to-work-after-lunch comes, we play Exploding Kittens (you should definitely try out if you never heard about it). It is especially hilarious when you can make your boss or the marketing people explode! But what about the hard time you have when you have been developing (and developing, and developing) for so many hours? Then a Nerf Gun battle happens at the office and we have an office-version of Counter-Strike… in which there is no mercy, and I can finally release the true gamer inside me.

I have heard that the company has even organized a Paintball in the past… And that the developers arrange Gaming Nights with Counter-Strike and pizza every now and then. I have only been working here for a month, and I have not yet experienced these events, and you cannot imagine how much I am looking forward to join.

– Niels