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25 Sep 2017

It’s early on a Friday morning and it is my first day at R3 Communications. Perhaps I tried too hard? Only Jasper had already arrived at 8 am…!

Before my first day, I only had vague ideas what to expect from a small company like R3 Communications. “Will my expectations of the startup be met?” I was asking myself. Well, the potential affirmative answer to this question was promising, as it is a tradition at the company to offer a coffee to the newbie (and what an amazing coffee!!). However, I later understood that it is the newbie providing the coffee to the others… ^^’

As the rest of the office started to come in, I experienced a very warm welcome from all staff! Specially from Mathias and Christian, who were investing a lot of time giving me instructions and explaining me all the administrative stuff. Then the day was over! And I guess you are thinking: “Starting on Friday? What a chill and short starting week!”. But as Nelson (The Simpsons) would say… “Ha, ha!” Let’s put it this way, I was familiar with EchoRing – I already worked on and with an earlier version of the EchoRing system during my studies at RWTH Aachen university –  but since then a lot has changed… Therefore, I experienced one of the most famous startup clichés: working during the weekend! But do not freak out, I just wanted to get acquainted asap with the technology 😛 Who am I trying to fool?! I like complicated stuff! Which made EchoRing a perfect date for that weekend.

The following week I could see that the team takes work extremely seriously, but we still have a lot of fun! The colleagues are helpful (even when you ask too many things). We have fresh fruit weekly delivered, did I mention the coffee?

However, the day-by-day is quite different from the atmosphere at university, there is a flat hierarchy… And yes, we work a LOT! But the nice environment and exciting topics make it much easier! 😉

I almost forgot! Every day after lunch we let our competitiveness arise and we make each other “explode” playing “Exploding Kittens”! Highly recommended game to let some tension out 😀

Something tells me that you should stay tuned in two weeks!


PS: I leave you with a picture they took of me… And as you can imagine the joke of “Tell the newbie that the camera has a lense” was already in place ^^’