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24 Oct 2017

Okay. This is my first Blog Article since 2003, when I was studying abroad in the US at Rutgers and kept my family (which at those days were my parents and sister) up to date with more or less interesting texts and low-resolution pictures of my very first digital Konica. A lot of things have changed since then. Not only that WWW.MATI-IN-AMERIKA.DE disappeared – I have finished my university degrees, got married, worked for BCG, got kids, quit BCG and started R3 (in chronological order, of course). Back in 2003, I never thought about founding a company. I always envisioned myself the perfect SIEMENS employee, being an intern and student jobber at the first place. So, what happened during the last almost 15 years that made me become Managing Director of this great company?

It’s mostly about opportunities that I didn’t want to miss, I’d say. It started out with doing a PhD in Wireless Communications, even though my heart didn’t belong to Wireless Communications those days – but it was a great opportunity to do something unusual. Same with my intermediate career in Management Consulting: the chance of being part of something very special made me go green, even though I never considered myself the kind of consultancy guy. When my daughter was born I decided to shift personal energy towards the family, but instead of applying for some settled enterprise or administration job, I teamed up with my former PhD colleague and friend James, who wanted to build a company around his EchoRing idea that he had recently prototyped with his PhD candidate Christian. Actually, it was mostly Christian who did the work, as the professor did was professors do – but this is another story. Since I didn’t want to start a family and a company at the same time, I introduced the two to Florian, a BCG colleague of mine, who happened to be interested in bootstrapping his own company. Making them meet in Berlin, I joined their conspirative first meeting in Spring 2015 – and there it was again: the opportunity to achieve something great. And I wasn’t able to resist.

So, we packed all of our contacts together, sat down in the nicest cafés in town and started to look for people that are interested in our technology. It took us longer than we thought, but today we have a great network of supporters, cooperation partners and customers, with which we will kick-off EchoRing serial products in the near future.

It’s gonna be a huge success! Well, at least there is an opportunity that we don’t fail completely… But – independent of how big EchoRing is really gonna be in the end, being part of this company already is very pleasing today. Mostly because of the people working here. But also because we are working on our own baby. We see it growing, become more mature and making more and more people showing their interest day by day. That’s a good feeling.

So, if you feel like joining us is a great opportunity for you – don’t hesitate to contact me, as besides blogging, coffee machine cleaning, milk supply and web administration, I am in charge of R3’s HR, too.

– Mathias