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Simple, Cost-Effective and Wireless URLLC

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01. Feb 2021

With EchoRing, industrial data can now be transmitted wirelessly with the reliability and security of conventional cable networks. EchoRing-enabled production equipment of all types can be easily implemented into manufacturing processes, which can include retrofitting existing infrastructure or developing entirely new production environments based on Industry 4.0 concepts.

Due to inherent shortcomings in security, signal availability and real-time data flows, existing wireless technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth have so far seen limited adoption in industrial settings and are relegated to non-essential tasks. To unlock Industry 4.0’s full potential, the signal reliability and transmission latency of cables must be replicated within wireless networks, a field referred to as "Ultra Reliable and Low Latency Communications" (URLLC). 5G mobile networks and their successors are projected to fulfill these requirements in the future, however the technology presents steep installation costs along with high ongoing licensing and usage fees. Adoption of 5G therefore requires both a considerable level of built-up trust in the technology and restricts early adoption to large and wealthy clients.

EchoRing is hardware-agnostic and can integrate nearly any communications protocol into production networks with minimal effort. EchoRing Ethernet Bridge devices are compatible with any industrial ethernet interface and replace previously wired communications (e.g. PROFINET, Ethernet/IP) with wireless transmission paths. A typical use case is retrofitting an existing wired production line with URLLC wireless controls, greatly reducing physical points of failure while greatly increasing system reliability and production throughput. EchoRing ensures URLLC-compliant data communication of up to 25m indoors and up to 80m outdoors.

"EchoRing is a highly reliable, easy-to-integrate and comparatively cost-effective alternative to wired network solutions, which makes the path towards Industry 4.0 concepts and IoT solutions much easier for any user," says Dr. Mathias Bohge, co-founder and managing director of R3. EchoRing’s performance has been comprehensively proven in pilot applications for fields such as smart manufacturing or intralogistics and its product portfolio is now available for broad range of industrial use cases.

About R3
Berlin-based R3 - Reliable Realtime Radio Communications GmbH develops high-performance URLLC wireless solutions for industrial applications. The company’s EchoRing solution combines the reliability of a cable connection with the mobility of a wireless network, ensuring transmission latencies of under 5ms. The technology is suited to a wide range of critical machine-to-machine communications applications, up to and including workplace safety controls. EchoRing’s users already include high-profile industry leaders such as Airbus, BMW and Kuka.

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