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21 Feb 2017

Berlin, February 21st, 2017 – R3Coms, the R3 – Reliable Realtime Radio Communications GmbH, has been selected by the jury of Startup Autobahn to take part in its Program #2 starting in March 2017. The decision was made after the participation of R3Coms in the Startup Autobahn Selection Day earlier this month.

In this new part of the Startup Autobahn project, R3Coms will explore new potentials in joint projects with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Porsche involving EchoRing™, R3Coms’ highly-available and time-critical wireless technology. “I believe that it wasn’t only our outstanding technology but also our team’s quality that convinced the jury” claims Florian Bonanati, R3Coms’ Managing Director.

Startup Autobahn represents the spirit of Silicon Valley in Germany. Located in Stuttgart, the birthplace of automobile, and co-founder with Plug and Play, Startup Autobahn has a strong focus on mobility engineering and helps accelerating disruptive ideas. “The event and its organization were astonishing. I enjoyed a lot the atmosphere and the possibility to share time and conversations with such important engineering companies” adds Florian. Besides Porsche and HPE, Daimler, ZF and BASF take part in the Startup Autobahn project.

In addition to ongoing cooperation projects with other worldwide market leaders, this new project opportunity strengthens R3Coms’ position in the automotive sector. “We gained some experience in the automotive sector in 2016, which helped us finding other use cases for EchoRing™” says Dr. Mathias Bohge, managing director and colleague of Florian Bonanati. “We are looking forward to the upcoming weeks at the ARENA2036 building”, concludes Mathias. “Let’s get our wheels on the Autobahn.”